Frequently Asked

How do I join the programme?

Our ambassador programme is powered by Shopify Collabs. When you click sign up, you'll be invited to open an account with Shopify Collabs and submit your application.

We will review the information provided and, hopefully, accept you to join our ambassador community.

My audience isn't on social media

No problem!

If you're passionate about spreading happiness through chocolate, then reach out to us by email on with the subject "Ambassador Application" and we'll discuss your application.

How do I refer people?

Once you've been approved for our programme, Hotel Chocolat will be added to your Shopify Collabs admin panel.

From here, you will be able to generate referral links, find discount codes and more.

How much can I earn?

The sky is the limit. We offer uncapped commission, so the more purchases made, the more you earn.

You can track your referrals & earnings from the Shopify Collabs page. Setup your payout method in the "Payouts" tab and you'll be paid automatically.

When do I get paid?

When a new customer that you refer to Hotel Chocolat makes a purchase, you will earn commission on that purchase. You will see the commission appear in your Collabs account when the order is despatched (not immediately after placing the order).

The order is placed into a 30-day "hold" period after fulfilment, in case of returns or fraudulent referral activity. After this period has passed, you'll be paid automatically via the payment method set up in your Collabs account.

Any other questions?

Contact our team on using the subject line:

Ambassador Programme