Velvetiser FAQs

How is this different to instant hot chocolate, coffee, or milkshakes?

When it comes to our Velvetiser, nothing compares. Instant drinking chocolate is mostly sugar (or chemical-laden sugar substitutes) with very little cacao powder – and we’re sadly all familiar with the lumpy, artificial-tasting results. But all drinks created for the Velvetiser only use pure, grated high-quality chocolate or cacao butter, with a deep, not-too-sweet flavour profile. The texture of your finished drink is paramount: not too thick, not watery, but luxuriously silky-smooth – ‘velvetised’. Once you’ve velvetised, there’s no going back.

How do you make a barista-grade drink with a machine like this?


  • First, give the coil on the whisk a little spin to make sure it is free moving.
  • Place this in the Velvetiser (always before anything else).
  • Add your chosen liquid and pour the contents of your Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate or latte single serve on top.
  • Close the lid, press the button and the perfect drink will be ready in just 2.5 minutes.

What sorts of milk can I use?

Whichever you prefer! You can use any dairy or plant-based milk, providing it’s smooth and non-textured.

You can even use water instead! Whether that be 100% water or a 50/50 water/milk mixture. Experiment away until you find your personal favourite!

How long does it take?

It takes just 2.5 minutes to thoroughly Velvetise your barista-grade hot chocolate or latte.

Can I grate my own chocolate into The Velvetiser?

Definitely best to leave the grating to us! Our flakes are especially calibrated to Velvetise with ease and each pack is precisely measured to create the best taste and texture. Unregulated pieces of chocolate can break your machine by creating ‘hot spots’ that can sadly impact the motor.

Similarly powdered hot chocolate should never be used as this can also create the same ‘hot spots’ which can also clog up the whisk and even damage that Teflon coating that makes cleaning the Velvetiser so easy. To keep your Velvetiser in warranty and for guaranteed best results, enjoy finding your favourite from our wide range of chocolate shavings here.

Where do I get the Hot Chocolate and Lattes from?

The easiest place to get your shavings is directly from us at Hotel Chocolat! Innovative hot chocolate ecipes are being launched all the time, including limited edition and seasonal specials. You can even set up a flexible hot chocolate subscription with us to make sure you never run out.

Can I use other cup sizes?

To create the perfect taste and texture, we balance 220ml (8oz) of liquid with every single serve. Our exclusive Pod Cup has been especially designed to be the perfect fit. In our experience, this is the ideal serving size leaving you satisfied and not overly full.

Can I make chilled drinking chocolate or lattes with the Velvetiser?

Yes, and it’s easy! Simply pour 110ml of your chosen milk into your Velvetiser – just enough to cover the whisk - then contents of your single serve. Pour 100ml of milk over 6 – 8 ice cubes in a tall glass and leave to chill. Once your drinking chocolate or latte is velvetised, pour it over the chilled milk and watch it mingle. Enjoy!

Can I make coffee with the Velvetiser?

Whilst you can’t make an ordinary coffee, you can go one better with our delicious velvetised latte range- the best latte you have never had! That creamy, silken texture – from the first sip to the last – comes from an unlikely source: cacao butter. Only a chocolatier could have thought of it.

Making a barista-grade latte is as easy as our hot chocolate: pour 220ml (8oz) milk of your choice into your Velvetiser, sprinkle in your single-serve, press the button and let the Velvetiser work its magic in just 2.5 minutes.

To make a delicious Mocha using your favourite hot chocolate, you can add a shot of espresso into your freshly made velvetised chocolat for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Can I use my Velvetiser to create frothy milk for my coffee?

Absolutely you can! Paired perfectly with a shot or two of espresso, our Velvetiser will help you create your delicious latte or cappuccino at home effortlessly!

Can I use my Pod Cups in the dishwasher?

Yes! Your Pod Cups are 100% safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. As with the rest of our exclusive range of coffee cups, our Pod Cups made of vegan-friendly Noble Bone China and are designed by Royal College of Art ceramicist Andrew Wicks. Remember to give your Pod Cups a wash before their first use.

Velvetiser Troubleshooting

My Velvetiser isn't getting hot enough for me

The Velvetiser has been calibrated to serve at the best temperature for flavour, which is up to 68 – 70 degrees Centigrade. A few degrees either way is perfectly acceptable, but if your hot chocolate is much hotter, its delicate flavours will be scalded (this is often the reason that hot chocolate served in some coffee shops doesn’t taste as good as ours). We worked hard on the design of our Velvetiser to ensure this never happens and a simple tip for a warmer drink is to fill your cup with hot water and empty it just before pouring in your hot chocolate or latte.

How do I use this hot chocolate machine – plug it in or put it on the stove?

Our Velvetiser is electric and uses a standard outlet.

How do I clean it – is it dishwasher safe?

As with all electrical items, the bottom of the Velvetiser jug and power base need to be kept safe away from excess water and so can’t go through the dishwasher. However, caring for your device is very easy! First, remove the whisk and clean it gently with a small brush to remove all built-up cocoa and milk residue. Please bear in mind that sometimes residue can be found hidden behind the black plastic disc. Always clean the inside of the jug gently with soft cloth with a bit of soapy liquid, then rinse. The jug itself is made from food safe Teflon like coating* making it incredibly effortless to clean without the need for an abrasive cloth.

The lid should also be cleaned regularly. The rubber seal can be removed and washed but please ensure this is thoroughly dried before replacing otherwise this can create an airlock and cause the lid to ‘pop-up’ during the velvetising process.

*Our coating is free of the chemical PFOA and is of a food grade standard for up to 4000 uses.

How do I return it?

We hope you’ll be delighted with your Velvetiser and won’t want to part with it! However, we also understand that you may not want to keep your Velvetiser, or something has gone wrong.

If your machine isn’t working as you expect it to, please read through all of our trouble-shooting tips before contacting us; we’re confident you’ll find a solution here that will help get you back up and running again quickly.

If you still wish to return your Velvetiser or can’t get your machine to work, email us on usahelp@hotelchocolat.comand we’ll guide you through what to do next. Remember, we ask that you complete the trouble-shooting guide first if your machine isn’t working, and confirm to us that you have done so.

If you have already spoken to our team and been advised to responsibly dispose of a faulty Velvetiser, you can do this for free at your local recycling centre. Please do not put it in your general household waste.

Got a technical issue?

In the unlikely event you experience a problem with your Velvetiser, please do get in touch on as our dedicated teams are here to help in anyway they can.

Velvetiser - Dark smudges on whisk

On Velvetisers that are well-loved and used often, you may notice some dark smudges collecting on the base of your whisk and jug. Please be assured these are perfectly normal and the result of high-quality cocoa in your shavings. The smudges are a blend of the natural occurring content of your chocolat flakes and milk which bond and accumulate on the whisk base.

To prevent this cocoa build-up from causing potential problems with your device, please ensure you are cleaning the whisk and jug regularly as described above.

My Velvetiser won’t switch on/switches off after a few seconds.

If you find your Velvetiser has trouble powering, simply resetting the thermostat will give it a boost to get you Velvetising again with peace of mind. Please unplug the Velvetiser and fill to the maximum line with cold, clean water. Once resting, remove the whisk and give the black plastic coil a brush to ensure it’s sparkling and free-moving. After ten minutes, return the whisk to the jug and you should be able to enjoy your lovely beverages once more!

Click here for a quick Velvetiser troubleshooting video to help you and we suggest watching this first. If your problems persist, then please do get in touch via so that we can help you.

The whisk is not spinning or is noisy when spinning

Not to worry – this is an easy fix! As the whisk has a magnet at the base it can sometimes become stuck, regardless of whether the Velvetiser is new or well-used. Simply brush the whisk carefully and ensure the black plastic disc is moveable by pushing it upwards and this should get your whisk Velvetising. A handy tip is to immerse the whisk in warm soapy water first before cleaning.

Be mindful that this can also happen if the Velvetiser is left unused for a while and the whisk was not completely dry after the last time it was washed. Repeat cleaning the whisk as above and reset the thermostat as described in the answer above and you should be Velvetising again in no time!

Click here for a quick Velvetiser troubleshooting video to help you and we suggest watching this first. If your problems persist, then please do get in touch via so that we can help you.

The lid isn't fitting my Velvetiser

This is thankfully an easy fix. Removing the rubber seal and washing the lid and rubber seal will ensure nothing is between the seal and lid. Please also ensure these parts are thoroughly dried before replacing as water may create an airlock and cause the lid to ‘pop-up’ during the velvetising process.

Click here for a quick Velvetiser troubleshooting video to help you and we suggest watching this first. If your problems persist, then please do get in touch via so that we can help you.

What happens if I have lost/damaged a component?

Maybe you’ve moved house and left the whisk behind, maybe the power base got a little too warm in the strength of the sun, or perhaps your beloved pooch used the lid as a chew toy – whatever has occurred, we will be happy to help!

Get in touch via and our team will help with any part you might need.

Still need help?